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Our One WorldPride Welcome Center is the place to pick up your weekend passes, upgrade to VIP, pickup VIP gift bags, and get official Masterbeat One WorldPride merchandise and our souvenir guide to the weekend.

Wyndham New Yorker

481 8th Avenue
New York, NY  10001

Wyndham New Yorker

Wyndham New Yorker

Welcome Center Hours

Thursday, June 27 2:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Friday, June 28 12:00 Noon - 8:00 pm
Saturday, June 29 10:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Pick Up Your Wristband
  • Upgrade to VIP
  • Buy Official One WorldPride Merchandise
  • Buy Tickets to Individual Events

Official Masterbeat OneWorld Merchandise

Our Welcome Center is the place to pick out your favorite offiicial Masterbeat and One WorldPride merchandise.  Pick up a limited edition tank top, snapback cap or backpback – or all 3!

All One WorldPride VIP Pass holders get their choice of a tank, cap and backpack when picking up their wristband at the welcome center.

Weekend Pass
VIP Pass

Pick Up Your Pass

Weekend Pass and VIP Weekend Pass Wristbands must be collected at the Welcome Center during the hours posted above.

If you arrive to the city during a time the welcome center is closed, there will be a place to collect your wristband at the night-time events, but be prepared to wait if you choose this option, and VIP gift bags will not be given out to passes collected at the events.

For your speed and convenience entering all of the One WorldPride events, we highly recommend you take a moment to stop by the Welcome Center to pick up your wristband to make your entry into each event as fast and efficient as possible – because it will already be on you!

Important:  Check your receipt to ensure you have a pass to Masterbeat’s One WorldPride events.  Many events during the weekend have sold tickets or passes that say “WorldPride” – only barcodes and tickets that say “One World” on them are part of the Masterbeat lineup of official events.

Upgrade Your Pass

At the time of pickup you’ll be able to upgrade a general admission weekend pass to a VIP weekend pass for only $100. This must be done at the time of pickup.  The VIP Weekend Pass will entitle you to:

  • Express priority admission to all events at any time
  • Access to VIP balconies at each event, with VIP bathrooms
  • Fruit Buffet at each event
  • VIP Gift Bag from Masterbeat with limited edition backpack, snapback cap and tank top

Terms and Conditions

The Weekend Pass and VIP Weekend pass is a wristband that is personal and non-transferable.  When you redeem your barcoded ticket at the Welcome Center, you’ll be given a wristband that you must wear at all times during One WorldPride.  If the wristband is damaged by being removed, it will be invalidated, and you will need to purchase a new one.  Wristbands obviously tampered with or transferred will be confiscated and not returned.  

The organizer reserves the right to invalidate a weekend pass and prohibit entry to anyone behaving inappropriately at a party, or engaging in illegal activity.   

All ticket and pass sales are final with no refunds, regardless if you are able to attend an event or utilize the ticket or pass.

Unless written communication is submitted to the organizer, attendees give their consent to appear in images taken during the events, for subsequent promotional use by Masterbeat and One WorldPride.






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